This started out as a one-man hobby turned business. It has now grown into a three-man operation. I have not let the business overtake the inital focus ... "the hobby". I am still an avid collector and restorer. Because of this, we started the fabrication side of the business. I found the quality of some of the parts available to be inferior. That combined with the depletion of NOS parts supplies and continued demand has made this all possible. I invested in the machines and made the quality of these reproductions the #1 priority. The thanks belongs to all our customers. We are always looking for new parts to manufacture, so if you have an idea, contact us.



Midwest Military, Specializing in Dodge, Jeep and other Military Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Midwest Military is a supplier and manufacturer of collector military vehicle parts. We cater to WWII and Korean era Dodge-built vehicles, Korean era Jeep, and a few other WWII vehicles. We are not a WWII Jeep dealer, although, a lot of the WWII parts we have will interchange.

Contact John Bizal, Midwest Military, (952) 440-8778 or jbizal@midwestmilitary.net, for your vintage military vehicle or part.