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On these pages we like to feature our newly manufactured or newly acquired parts. We currently have 4 pages of featured parts.
Check these pages often to see what's new.

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All Prices subject to change without notice.

(These items last updated 3-27-14)


Midwest Military is offering Instrument restoration. Above is an example of our speedometer repair work. The before and after
pictures speak for themselves. Why settle for a reproduction that does not compare to an original?
Call us at 952-440-8778 to discuss your options.





Firewall Pad Set for the 1936-38 Civilian Dodge Trucks

Available in the original gray color with the proper backing material.
Get your restoration right with the rights parts from us.
Guaranteed fit and satisfaction!




Firewall Pad Set for 1939-47 Dodge Trucks

These are available in black or brown. We offer them for the Military or
Civilian versions. These are accurate reproductions and are guaranteed for fit. Proper backing material with the correct thickness has been sourced for added accuracy. Compare the competition and you will notice that they do not put
the proper holes in the backing material for you. WE DO!
Ours are as close to OEM as you can find.


Firewall Pad Retainer Button
A new product that we have manufactured and added to our line.
These are escential to installing the pad and are frequently gone.
Fits most all Dodge trucks, 1939-1960's.
A nice detail to your restoration too!
$3.95 each

Interior Kit for 1939-57 Dodge Truck

Available in black, brown or gray. These kits are unique because we can guarantee proper fit and function. This kit has been installed for fit in an actual cab to ensure accuracy. A full set of installation instructions are included to aid your restoration efforts. This kit is also available for the military truck version. The best news is that we have figured out how to reduce the shipping costs over the competition. We are 50% less that their advertised shipping rates!

Price for the complete kit: $285.00
Kit less door panels and kick panels: $245


M37 Top Bow Corner
Now in stock! MWM's new repro corners. Made in the USA by us. Identical to the original.
$48.00 each

M37 Winch Frame Extensions
We now stock both sides of the winch extensions for the M37.
Right side is NOS, the left side is manufactured by us at MWM.
You cannot tell the left from the right once you paint to match your truck.
Check us out for your other winch parts needs as well.
Extension set - $135.00

Dodge Water Pump Special
We have brand new water pumps available for the Dodge truck applications.
These are new, not rebuilt. We have purchased them better so you save!
Compare prices with other retailers and you will find our price to be the better deal.
Normally priced at $78.00 --

NOW SPECIAL PRICE through the end of April: $58.00!


Dodge WC and Civilian PW owners rejoice!
Slope top master cylinders are back. MWM combined forces with a US manufacturer to bring them back.
Now you can put the correct master in your truck and eliminate the safety issue by using the alternative cylinder.
Currently in stock and ready to ship. Original master on the left, our master on the right. Virtually identical and with USA made behind it!!!!

Wiper Motor
We found a few NOS motors for the larger trucks of WWII and
the M35 and 5T trucks from Korea.
$100 each


M37 Distributor Counterweight Kit
Fix that sloppy distributor with new counterweights and springs.
Worn weights and springs make your truck run rough. Now you can make it smooth
again with these NOS parts.
Kit price - $15

Dodge Axle Jack Bolts
We have had lots of requests for these items.
Correct for all Dodges ,WWII thru the late 60's.
Used to jack the drive flanges and rear axle shafts from the hub.
2 required per hub.
One bolt and one nut set - $2.50 each.

Dodge Wheel Bearing Nuts
A common wear item on the Dodge trucks is the rear outer wheel bearing nuts.
Oftentimes overlooked when an oil leak is detected, but crucial for stopping the leak.
We have now produced this part so you can finally fix that leak. OEM equivalent product. Part number 915398.

M37 Window Brushes
We have in stock the brushes with clips to aid in your restoration.
These have not been available for some time so this is a welcome addition to our inventory.
$24.00 each with clips included.

Dodge Floor Repair Panel
Need a replacement panel for your M37, Civilian Power Wagon, or WC Dodge?
We can custom make any size panel with any pattern diamond stamping. This one has the Dodge pattern.
This panel is $18.00. Inexpensive to accurately repair your truck.
Prices vary depending on pattern and size. Call for details.

WC Dodge Water Tube
Have you checked your water tube? A critical component affecting the life of your engine. The rusted one in the photo
was recently removed from a running engine. It was not doing its job and could've caused engine failure. Install a new MWM-made water tube
and prevent this from happening. Made from the original print to ensure an accurate fit. We are also offering a removal tool to aid in the process.

Kit price, includes new tube, removal tool and water pump gaskets - $48.00

1/2-Ton Windshield Pivot Bolt
Another rare part now supplied by MWM is the open cab windshield pivot bolt.
This bolt tightens the inner frame to allow it to pivot or not. Two required.
$25.00 each

Grease Zerks
Need original zerks for your restorations? We are now stocking these three types.
Most commonly used on the Dodge trucks, but they have lots of crossover applications too.
$1.25 each


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