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Bren Gun Carrier Parts

Prices subject to change without notice.

Through necessity, I have reproduced these parts and others for the restoration of my MK I Carrier. These parts are accurate reproductions copied from original samples. I am able to offer these parts to help you restore your carrier to its original configuration. Sheetmetal parts that you don't see, but have a need for, can be reproduced from your sample. Please e-mail for details. I will be posting more of the storage boxes in the near future, as I have reproduced them also.


Mark I and Mark II Engine Covers

Lower Engine Cover Set - 4 pieces

Totally accurate for the MK1 Carrier.
Price is $72.50 per panel.
Order by part # if needed individually.

CTL 7237 C - Right Hand
CTL 7227 C - Left Hand, (not shown)

CTL 7229 C

CTL 7228 C








Upper Engine Covers
Sold as 4-piece set only. Mark I - $375.00

Mark II - $395.00 4-piece set



Mark I Front Fender





Rear fenders in the MKII design.
I like them better than the MKI so I put them on my carrier. Fit and look great.
A little hard to see the whole detail here, but satisfaction gauranteed.



NEW cast Track Adjuster Cam Blocks are now available.

Made from a NOS sample. Makes tensioning your tracks a snap.
$45.00 each.

Fuel Tank Support Brackets & Strap Set
Mark I - $245.00
Mark II - $325 (not pictured)


Steering Adjustment Gauge Blocks

Adjust your steering linkage quickly and accurately the first time with these gauge blocks.
A "must" for every carrier owner.

XTL 4056, XTL 3620 - Price $55.00/set


Fender Skirt

We now have front skirts available to assist you in your restoration.
I needed them and couldn't find any. These are exact reproductions.

L & R, sold as sets only - $475.00.

Antenna Bracket

Late antenna mount. Mounts on the front of the hull behind the driver.
Price: $40.00

Rifle Rest

Part # CTL13101. MKI engine top plate rifle rest.
Price: $35.00

Seat Hooks

CO1UC 105804
Hooks for the bottom of the front seat backs.
$9.50 ea.


Mark II Carrier Tow Cable Hook




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