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Civilian Dodge Parts

Prices subject to change without notice.


Dodge Closed Cab Drip Rails
These drip rails are for the 36-38 built Dodge trucks. Properly formed and ready for installation.
We are working on the 39-60 built rails and will have them available soon.
36-38 Rails - $195.00 per set

Connection Rod Nut
We have NOS connecting rod nuts in stock for those of you rebuilding your Dodge engine.
Fits all 218, 230, 237 and 251 engines.
$1.00 each

Dodge Cowl Vent Seal
We had the tooling made so we could provide a one-piece construction vent seal like the original.
Now available, both open and closed cab vent seals for the Dodge-built trucks. All WC's,
Civilian Power Wagons and the M37.


Cargo Box Fill Panels
Correct front bed panels for the 1/2 ton Dodge cargo box.
Used on all open and closed cab express body trucks. Left and right sides available.
Small panel - $28.00
Larger panel - $37.50

Cab Rocker Panels
Lower cab rocker panel for the closed cab truck.
Will conform to the curvature of the cab on installation.
Price: $38.00 ea.




Midwest Military is offering Instrument restoration. Above is an example of our speedometer repair work. The before and after
pictures speak for themselves. Why settle for a reproduction that does not compare to an original?
Call us at 952-440-8778 to discuss your options.


Dodge Gauge Repair Kits
Want to repair your 1/2-Ton or civilian Dodge gauges and speedo? We now offer these gasket kits to help make this job as accurate as possible.
Everything you need to re-assemble these early gauges is included. Speedo kit includes a new disc for the pointer!

Speedo Kit - $20.00
Oil/Temp Kit - $25.00
Fuel/Amp Kit - $28.00

1/2-Ton WC Speedometer
We are offering rebuilt, original speedometers for the civilian trucks and 1/2-ton WC's. Each unit is carefully restored and calibrated for accuracy.
Want your's rebuilt? Call us for details. A core exchange is required for the purchase of our restored speedo units.
Speedometer - $375.00 with exchange

1/2-Ton WC Gauge Cluster
MWM now offers you a choice. We can supply you with "factory quality" restored gauge clusters or,
we can restore your gauges for you. Each gauge is individually restored and tested for accuracy before
going back in a restored housing. All the clusters are original equipment and not reproduction.
If you want your gauges restored, call us for details, pricing and lead times.
Want to restore your own? Check out our gasket sets to help you get this done!
$300.00 each with exchange




Firewall Pad Set for the 1936-38 Civilian Dodge Trucks

Available in the original gray color with the proper backing material.
Get your restoration right with the rights parts from us.
Guaranteed fit and satisfaction!




Firewall Pad Set for 1939-47 Dodge Trucks

These are available in black or brown. We offer them for the Military or
Civilian versions. These are accurate reproductions and are guaranteed for fit. Proper backing material with the correct thickness has been sourced for added accuracy. Compare the competition and you will notice that they do not put
the proper holes in the backing material for you. WE DO!
Ours are as close to OEM as you can find.


Firewall Pad Retainer Button
A new product that we have manufactured and added to our line.
These are essential to installing the pad and are frequently gone.
Fits most all Dodge trucks, 1939-1960's.
A nice detail to your restoration too!
$3.95 each


Interior Kit for 1939-57 Dodge Truck

Available in black, brown or gray. These kits are unique because we can guarantee proper fit and function. This kit has been installed for fit in an actual cab to ensure accuracy. A full set of installation instructions are included to aid your restoration efforts. This kit is also available for the military truck version. The best news is that we have figured out how to reduce the shipping costs over the competition. We are 50% less that their advertised shipping rates!

Price for the complete kit: $285.00
Kit less door panels and kick panels: $245

Dodge Truck Glove Box Liners

Made just like the original. Guaranteed to fit and look factory.

1939-1947 - fits all 39 thru 47 Dodge closed cabs.

1936-1938 - fits 36-38 Dodge closed cabs. (6-1/2" x 12")