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All prices subject to change without notice.

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New product Alert!!!
Newly built from MWM -- MB/GPW Floor Riser!

We spent the time and money. New die-stamped tooling was developed and the long prototype process is over.
Now in stock, USA made floor riser that is an exact copy of the original.
DO NOT SETTLE for the cheap foreign imports that are not made correctly.
$105.00 each


Front Axle Gasket Set
A NOS kit for the front axle. It will aslo fit most of the other jeeps built too.
Special Price - $8.00

Valve Cover Breather Cap
NOS cap for every 4 Cylinder jeep engine built.

Jeep Driveline Parts
We have a small amount of NOS driveshaft slip yokes with u-joint and flange for the jeep family of vehicles.
Please call for pricing of these items.

Jeep PCV Valve
We recently found a quantity of NOS PCV Valves. Now you can have the real thing and not a reproduction for the same money.
Fits all 4-cylinder jeeps; MB, GPW, CJ2A, CJ3A, M38, M38A1, CJ3B etc.
$35.00 each


Premium L-Head Engine Head Gasket
We are nof offering a superior quality, all copper head gasket. No more re-torquing, no more leaking.

Taillight Doors
We have a variety of manufacturers. Guide, Industrial lamp, CB etc. All NOS and ready to go. Excellent condition.
$12.00 each

Jeep Rear Main Seals

Fits all 4-cylinder jeep engines.
This is a new design and has been field-tested.


Jeep Overhaul Set
Premium overhaul set for all 4 cylinder L-head engines.
Copper head gasket and our new rear main seal set included.
USA Made.
Kit price: $92.50


T90 Overhaul Kit
Complete overhaul set for the T90 trans.
Includes bearings, seals, gaskets, small parts
and the blocking rings.


Model 18 Overhual Kit
Major overhaul set for the Model 18 transfer case.
Availalble for all 3 center shaft sizes. All bearings,
small parts, shims, gaskets and seals.

Shock Bushings
NOS shock bushings for all WWII through late CJ5's applications.
$2.00 each

Jeep and Dodge Head Studs
MWM just had the long studs made here in the USA!
Now in stock and ready for your engine rebuild.
Long Stud - $4.75 each
Short Stud - $3.00 each
Nut - $2.00 each

Upper Generator Adjuster Bolt
New MWM product.
Fits ALL 4-cylinder Jeep engines from 1942-1968.
$5.50 each

WWII Headlamps
We stock two types of bulbs for Jeep and Dodge headlamps --
original-looking Seelite or current replacement units.
Available in 6 or 12V for both.
Seelite - $42.00 each
Current Replacement - $20.00 each

Jeep Radiator Hoses
Tired of poor quality hoses that crack? We were too. We have worked with a manufacturer in the USA
to produce these hoses for you. The lower hose for the M38, MB, GPW and the CJ series
is custom-made from the newest rubber and it also has the wire reinforcement inside!
Exact fit and quality-tested.We also stock the correct hose clamps.
M38A1 Upper: $18.00
M38A1 Lower: $22.00
M38 Upper: $14.00
M38 Lower: $22.00
Bypass Hose: $9.75

MB/GPW Lower Radiator Hose and Pipe Kit
We are now offering a lower radiator hose and pipe kit for the MB and GPW. Includes the clamps as shown.
$32.00 per kit

Temp Gauge Gland Nut
Mechanical temperature gauges need a gland nut to adapt them to each cylinder head.
This part is correct for most any WWII truck. From jeeps to the largest trucks, this one will fit.
$7.00 each

Jeep Master Cylinder Cover Plates
Tired of paying the increasing prices on the import parts?
Now you can purchase a higher quality, USA-made part from us for less money.
Available for either the WWII Jeep or the M38 and A1. Also fits the CJ series Jeeps!
$14.00 each

MB/GPW Radio Suppression Filter
Packaged in Studebaker boxes.
Part #669783, Tobe SC 33M-1

Jeep Clutch Parts
All Jeep projects usually require these often-worn parts.
Now you can easily repair your sloppy pedals and get your clutch to adjust properly.
These fit most Jeeps from 1942-1967.

A495 Pedal Shaft - $32.00
Bracket with Bearing - $40.00
Rod Link - $8.00
Cable & Yoke - $23.00
Cable Boot - $17.50
Cable Boot Adapter - $25.00
Z-Tube - $29.00
Z-Tube Seal Kit - $9.00
Ball Stud - $2.75 each

WWII Fuel Gauge
We just found a stash of these perfect fuel gauges.
Correct for any WWII restoration. We took this one out of the box to take the photo.
$80.00 each.

WWII Jeep/Dodge Switches
Finally available, a high quality set of switches for the WWII vehicles.
Master light, panel and blackout drive all come with the correct metal knob.
Circuit breaker included with the master switch.
We also have some NOS ones left for those who prefer them.
Master Switch - $70.00
Panel and BO Switch - $28.00 each.
NOS Switches - CALL



Push Pull Light Switches
We have found a quantity of surplus push pull light switches for your WWII vehicle.
These include the circuit breaker too!

WWII Antena Mast Base
Finally available, a totally accurate reproduction of the MP48 mast base. You can't tell this from NOS! Made from heavy brass just like the original. Now combine our antenna set with the base to completer your restoration.
MP48 - $210.00
Antenna set - $80.00


WWII Antenna Bag
NOS BG56-A bags for the WWII five mast sections. Nice Accessory!

NOS WWII Antenna Tie Down

Can be used for vehicle or ground mount antennas.

Ford GP Series II Hood Block
Never before available. Correct color, height and detail.
Finish your restoration off nicely with these blocks.

NOS Trailer Socket Assembly
We found a batch of these, complete, as shown.
These parts are available separately also. Call for individual pricing.



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