Dodge WC 12 for Sale

Dodge WC 12 for Sale

For Sale

Dodge WC 12 for sale. 

Excellent condition truck. Combined from 2 trucks. Chassis and drive line from a WC1 and the sheet metal from a California WC 12. The engine is a T207 stamped block with correct components. Runs excellent. Has brakes too.
Original military cab with the correct windshield frame and components. Drivers door was replaced. Original door is included to transfer over the military window frame and such to the new door. NO rust on this truck. Cab floor is solid and has not been patched, ever. Roof seam is in excellent condition as well. Very complete truck, missing very little.
New steering wheel, new front bumper, new floor insert, new subframe for the cargo box, new tailgate, new gate chains and gate hinges, lockout hubs for the front axle and new inner door panels.

Clear title.
We can ship anywhere for you. We have a container leaving for the UK and the Netherlands in the near term.

Price:  $10,900.00

Call John at Midwest Military, 952-440-8778 or email


Click this link to hear engine …


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