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Dodge WC12 and Parts Truck for Sale

Dodge WC12 and Parts Truck for Sale

For Sale
Dodge wc12 and parts truck for sale. 
Truck is on the tough side, but is a genuine wc12 with a ton of good parts. Included in the sale is..
-wc12 truck with title. Incorrect motor (stuck) currently in it. Cab is rough, box is from 50’s dodge. Front frame horns have been cut and reinforced.
-wc parts chassis. Also has title! Incorrect motor (stuck) as well, no box and cab is not included, was for a White truck anyway. Front frame horns have been minimally cut but not modified.
-really nice wc truck box/ back half trailer. Has tag on it and a newer dodge tailgate, but pretty complete and nice fenders
-rebuilt 230cu in 23” motor from 1949
-decent pair of front fenders. Some dings, no major rust
-extra spare tire carrier.
-1946 civilian dodge cab in fixable shape or for parts to save the wc cab.
PRICE: $5500.00
If interested please contact Kevin Link, 715-505-1057, email:

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