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Dodge WC56 For Sale

Dodge WC56 For Sale

For Sale

Dodge WC56 for sale.

Yes I know it is rusty! I was not told the truth about this truck when it was presented to me, but here it is. Engine runs but has a bunch of incorrect parts in play. What you see here is what you get. Nothing is being added to this unit. The frame center crossmember has some laminate swelling, but is not rotted in half.  Buy it as is, or perhaps I will consider parting it out and or possible trades. I paid $5000 for this truck. Shipping cost me another $1000. Not even looking to break even. My mistake in trusting someone may be your benefit. No title, bill of sale only.

Ideas, questions, options, bring em.  Call me and lets discuss it.

Truck is located in my yard in Minnesota.

Price as it sits: $5000.00

Call John at 952-440-8778 or email at


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