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Trailer Parts

All prices subject to change without notice.

M100/416 Lunette Ring - 7328311


Lunette Ring Nut


Lunette Ring, 3/4 Trailer - 7354577


M100/416 Lunette Spring  $18.00
M100 Cable Storage Box


M100 Chassis Harness, Late - 10924552


M100 Chassis Harness, Early - 7328380 


M416 Chassis Harness - 8635062


M100/416 Safety Chain - 7328317


M100/416 Intervehicular Cable - 8722864


Reflector, Red


LH Taillight Metal shell connector


RH Taillight Metal shell connector


M100/416 Floor Drain Plug


M100/416 Floor Drain Plug Retainer


M416 Parking Brake Lever Assembly - 8702108 $65.00
Parking Brake Cable $48.00
Parking Brake Cable Equilizer


Parking Brake Cable J-Bolt


M100 Parking Brake Handle







M100 Trailer Floor

We had so many requests for trailer floors, we invested the dollars for tooling and made them.
Shown is the M100 type. We also have the MBT type available.
Also shown is the drain detail in the second photo. Correct drain plug emboss with plug seat and retainer mount.
You will not find a better floor anywhere.

And check this out ....

A customer sent us photos of his trailer before and after installing one of our floors.
Click on the photo to see more. Thanks for the photos, Brad.


M416 Trailer Floor

M416 Trailer Floor
We had tons of requests after making the MBT and M100 floors to make the M416.
We located a sample and can now fulfill that request. In stock and ready to ship.
These are identical to the OEM panel.
Price: $475.00


More Trailer Parts

1/4 Ton Trailer Parts

We had the Spring made from the original print - $18.00 each.

New find! NOS drain plugs and retainers. Correct for all 1/4-Ton Jeep trailers. Get yours before they are gone.
Drain Plug - $26.00
Drain Plug Retainer - $19.00

M416 Landing Leg Swivel
Now in stock, the very difficult to find M416 landing leg swivel. We found some of these NOS. There are not that many available, so if you need one, don't wait.
These are not the same as the M100 or MBT's and none of them will interchange with each other.

Trailer Leg Swivel
Now available, a MWM, USA-produced MBT and M100 landing leg swivel.
Pictured is the M100 type. We do have both WWII and M100 styles available.
We now offer the complete package to fix the always broken or missing trailer legs.


1/4 Ton Trailer Landing Leg
Trailer parts are getting harder to find every day.
We listened to your requests, and have reproduced the
landing leg for all 1/4 ton trailers. Same gauge material
and guaranteed to fit right the first time!
Price: $45.00


Landing Leg Release Plunger
Fits MBT, M100, M416, M101 trailers.




Wiring Harness Shield
This is the harness cover on the M100, M416 trailer frame.
Covers the junction point of the front and rear harness.


M100/M416 Lunette
Are you pulling your trailer with a reproduction lunette?
If it is not drop-forged, for liability reasons, you may want to consider ours.
Midwest Military has purchased the manufacturing rights and the tooling to produce OEM lunettes.
These are drop-forged, heat-treated, and plated to the original government prints. Can others offer you this peace of mind?
USA-made Lunette - $185.00
Nut - $3.00

Lunette Washers
Now available, the front flat washer and the rear keyed washer for the lunette spring.
Flat washer - $2.00
Keyed washer - $3.00

MBT/Bantam Lunette
We have recently acquired a small quantity of NOS WWII lunettes.
These lunettes have the correct small diameter shank that everyone is looking for.
Some of these NOS pieces even have the wax paper still on the threaded end. In addition,
we stock the spring, special washers and correct castle nut to finish your trailer off perfectly.
Lunette - $300.00
Spring - $19.00
Washer Set - $5.50
Castle Nut - $4.00


Dodge Trailer Resistor Box
The trailer resistor box was used for any 12V truck to reduce the voltage to match the 6V trailers of WWII. NOS in the box, mint condition.


M416 Trailer Casting
NOS front frame Lunette casting. This fits the M416 trailer ONLY.

MBT and M100 Early Trailer Safety Chains

We found NOS early safety chains. Some were still in the original canvas bags.
Slight surface rust from years of sitting in the bar, otherwise perfect.


Trailer Safety Chain

For M100 or M416 Trailer. NOS.
$22.50 each.

M100 Storage Box

Excellent MWM reproduction of this hard-to-find storage box.
Correct in every detail.

M100 Taillight Brackets

MWM USA repro of these often missing brackets.
Specify left or right when ordering.
$12.00 each


1/4-Ton Trailer Tandem Hitch Kit

We had several requests to manufacture this product. One of our customers came up with an original sample, and here is our final product.
This kit allows you to reinforce the rear crossmember and add another electical socket so you can tow two trailers in tandem.


M416 Brake Handle

We found a small quantity of these NOS handles. Comes as you see it.


Parking Brake Handle

Correct for the early M101 Series 3/4-Ton trailer but can be made to work on the M100 also.

M100/416 Trailer Bell Crank
New production part from MWM. Parking brake bell crank at the front of the trailer.
We also have the special mounting bolt as well.
Bell crank - $19.00
Shoulder bolt - $6.50