1941 WC 10 Dodge Carryall for sale

Midwest Military does not own this vehicle. See below for contact information.
My grandfather and dad bought what we have always called the Recon in 1945. The intended use for the Recon was to have a four wheel drive in the Guadalupe Mountains outside of Carlsbad, New Mexico. My grandfather would bring it out a week or two before deer season get it ready to go and off we went hunting for deer. After the season he backed it back into a building on his property and it remained there until the following deer season. In high school I drove a 29 Dodge 4 dr touring car and often times the Recon. My dad built a shop building back in the 80’s and stored the Recon, the 29 Dodge and a 32 Plymouth coupe. He passed away in 2012 and the cars have been in that building since. We sold the property and now need to sell the vehicles. I recently got the Recon running and did some brake work it. It has Warn Hubs. It is located in Carlsbad, New Mexico. If you have any questions please email me at thomaskr@comcast.net or call Kent at 770-978-1766. I am asking $29,500.00 for the 41.

1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt01 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt02 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt03 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt04 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt05 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt06 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt07 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt08 1941-wc-dodge-carryall-kt09

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