1951 M38 A1 Jeep for sale

“Little Red” is a superior jeep restoration candidate. This 1951 M38 A1 Jeep is straight and clean. Minimal rust. The tank well is the only place that needs attention. Floors are solid. The rear floor needs a patch or two because the fire dept. cut holes in. We installed a new USA made rear panel. The fire dept. cut that out too. All the hard work is done for you. Very complete after we added what was missing. Runs and drives great. No smoke from the motor. Carries 40 psi oil pressure consistently. Transfer case shifts and operates properly without any noise. Here is a list of the parts added to the jeep. New batteries, headlamps, battery cables, plugs, wires, distributor tune up, voltage regulator harness, ignition switch, tail lights, gauges, ReNu’d original fuel tank, pickup, sender unit, fuel line kit, rebuilt YS carb, vacuum hose, spare carrier, pintle hook, jerry can holder and spacers, shackles and brackets.

Now that we fixed the rear panel, this jeep would rate an 8 on a 1-10 scale. An easy restoration. Sold without title. Original data plates are all there. We have rear seats and top bows available for purchase. They are not included with the jeep.

The price for this 1951 M38 A1 Jeep is $5900.

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