Midwest Military Acquires TM9 Ordnance Products

We at MWM have always strived to provide the best products to the Military Vehicle hobby. We have proven this with the products we manufacture in our facility. TM9 Ordnance has the same philosophy and the same standards, providing the best and most accurate products to the hobby. When we were approached by Paul Viens about the acquisition, it just made sense. Not all paint products are the same, just as not all parts are the same. There is a difference in the quality of the paint we now provide. The proof is in the application of the materials. You will find that our paint sprays better and more uniformly than any other. Why? Because of the way it is manufactured. The size of the pigments we use allows the paint to atomize more evenly and this ensures you a top quality finish. We offer high quality epoxy primer, Urethane top coat, enamel, and aerosol cans as well. No one else in the paint industry offers these varieties.

There are many choices in color these days. Confused? So were we. Before TM9 ever brought a product to market, extensive research was done and original color chip charts were obtained. You will find all of these details in this pdf link. 50 Shades of Green???? Please read the history of OD Green and you will find the confusion gone.

Please contact us for any questions you may have, or go to TM9Ordnance.com for samples of the colors and pricing. We have all our colors in stock and usually ship same day.


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