WWII Mack NO truck

WWII Mack NO truck for sale – $7900.00

This WWII Mack NO truck box is home made and has had some other truck cab grafted over the top of the original NO cab. Removing it and getting the original cab back in shape would not be terribly difficult. The frame of the truck has been stretched. Very nice job doing it, and like the cab can be reversed. Remove the section added, weld and re-drill the gusset plates. Drive train is all original. Intake manifold was modified to take a down draft 2 bbl carb rather that the original updraft unit. Engine runs and will move under it’s own power. Sheetmetal is not rusty or damaged. We can make arrangements to ship outside the USA. Truck is located in our yard in MN.
Price is $7900.

WWII Mack NO truck WWII Mack NO truck WWII Mack NO truck Mack_NO_WWII_truck_05 Mack_NO_WWII_truck_06 Mack_NO_WWII_truck_07 Mack_NO_WWII_truck_08 Mack_NO_WWII_truck_09

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