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PBR Mk2 For Sale – $195,000

PBR Mk2 For Sale – $195,000

For Sale

Patrol Boat River 31-ft. Mk2 for sale with many parts and extras.

Included is a Navy aluminum trailer and a Navy aluminum cradle. All weapons are replicas or de-milled. All gun mounts are original and included. This boat is very complete and restored to very high standards. Many of the parts used in the restoration are now almost impossible to find. All lights and electronics are included, including running lights, search lights, Nancy beacon, radios and radar. Additional details and photos are available.

This is a very complete, museum quality boat that served with SBU 11 at Mare Island and saw service in Desert Storm.

Price: $195,000. 

If interested, please contact Pete Woodward, (415) 509-7084. Located in the San Francisco Bay area.

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