1942 WC56 Command Car for Sale

1942 WC56 Command Car for Sale

For Sale

1942 WC56 Command Car for Sale.

This 1942 WC-56 was purchased at the War & Peace Show at Beltring, UK in 2000.  It is a post-war rebuild. Seller has  the bill of sale, UK MOT Sticker and import paperwork to The US. No current MN Title. I have the original MN Title number.
The rear quarter panels have NOT been cut. The convertible top is serviceable and has the correct frame. The vehicle has a professionally remanufactured engine with 3,800 miles, a remanufactured  MWM real differential, and a remanufactured MWM transfer case. It has 5 combat rims with 5 Denman NDT tires with less than 500 miles on them. This vehicle participated in the 3,500 mile MVPA Bankhead Transcontinental convoy in 2015 without issue. It has the four correct canvas doors, but one needs its hinges reversed to fit the rear left side.
It has always been garaged. There are many spare parts and accessories including brakes shoes, wheel cylinders, correct light buckets, new MWM fender welts, and a bag of  original, AMERICAN made condensers and points. It has the correct hand crank, Bud wrench and socket.
Price: $39,000
If interested contact John at jvarnerhmv@gmail.com.
Midwest Military does NOT own this vehicle.


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