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August 2012 Retrieval trip

August 2012 Retrieval trip

If you saw the photos of the May 2012 trip out west here are some more taken on our return “retrieval” trip in the beginning of August.
Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-g Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-f Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-a Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-b Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-c Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-d Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-e Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-h Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-i Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-j Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-k Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-l Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-m Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-n Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-o Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-p Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-q Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-s Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-t Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-v Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-r Aug-2012-Retrieval-trip-u

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