Pumpkin Cruise 2017

Pumpkin Cruise 2017

Our convoy to the Barten’s Pumpkin Farm this year consisted of beautiful fall colors, corn, cows and even llamas along the way … but unfortunately no pumpkins! Never made it to our destination. We had a window of time between rainstorms for a beautiful drive but missed turns, lost drivers and mechanicals made a 20¬†mile journey last way, way too long. We had to turn around and head home before the next line of rainstorms were upon us. Let’s just say next year we will hand out maps! Thank goodness we had a delicious barbecue rib dinner waiting for us when we got back. And more importantly, fun times with friends as we enjoyed our vehicles one more time before putting them away for the winter.

PumpkinCruise2017-01 PumpkinCruise2017-02 PumpkinCruise2017-03 PumpkinCruise2017-04 PumpkinCruise2017-05 PumpkinCruise2017-06 PumpkinCruise2017-07 PumpkinCruise2017-08 PumpkinCruise2017-09 PumpkinCruise2017-10 PumpkinCruise2017-11 PumpkinCruise2017-12 PumpkinCruise2017-13 PumpkinCruise2017-14 PumpkinCruise2017-15 PumpkinCruise2017-16 PumpkinCruise2017-17 PumpkinCruise2017-18 PumpkinCruise2017-19 PumpkinCruise2017-20 PumpkinCruise2017-21 PumpkinCruise2017-22 PumpkinCruise2017-23 PumpkinCruise2017-24 PumpkinCruise2017-25 PumpkinCruise2017-26 PumpkinCruise2017-27 PumpkinCruise2017-28 PumpkinCruise2017-29

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