September 2014

I received an email recently about this truck. The owner said he had changed his life priorities and wanted to sell it. We struck a deal and we went to pick it up. Had to change one tire and gather up all the pieces. Overall, a very nice Euro return. Now we have to put […]

5th Annual Armed Forces Day WWII Weekend – May 2014

Held at the Dakota City Heritage Village in Farmington, MN, this is a wonderful family-friendly event. Vehicle displays, reenactments, encampments. Here are a few photos from the 2014 event. For many more photos check out our Picasa album link:

Wahiawa, Oahu

Mahalo, (Thank you), to Mark & Barbara and Rick & Angie, and everyone else for the warm welcome I received while on Oahu. Thanks to all who brought food to the party, the local ethnic food at the event was delicious. It was nice to finally meet all my new friends and fellow MV collectors […]