2nd Annual Pumpkin Patrol and Bonfire

2nd Annual Pumpkin Patrol and Bonfire

The last major MV event for the year for our Red Bull MVPA Chapter before we put the vehicles away for the winter. Hosted by Midwest Military at the Bizal home. The weather was beautiful so we had a great turnout with about 40-50 people in attendance.

First, a 20-vehicle convoy to Barten’s Pumpkin Farm near New Prague, MN, where we gave rides out to the pumpkin fields to smash any remaining pumpkins! After loading our vehicles with some purchased pumpkins, we continued south to the Next Chapter Winery. The owner, Timothy Tulloch, taught us how they grow the grapes and make wine in the cold climate of Minnesota. We were able to sample some great wine. (John, who is not much of a wine drinker, loved their Velvet Vines Cranberry Burst!) Then, to top it, off we were able to help harvest some grapes. So much fun for the kids as well as the adults.

After purchasing some wine, (hmm what pairs with pumpkin?), we headed back to the Bizal homestead for chili, more truck fun and a bonfire. We were so happy to host this event. We are lucky to have such a great group of friends in this hobby. So glad that so many of you were able to attend. See you next year!Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-01 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-02 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-03 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-04 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-05 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-06 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-07 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-08 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-09 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-10 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-11 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-12 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-13 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-14 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-15 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-17 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-18 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-19 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-20 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-21 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-22 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-23 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-24 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-25 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-26 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-27 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-28 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-29 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-30 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-31 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-32 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-33 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-34 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-35 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-36 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-37 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-38 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-39 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-40 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-41 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-42 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-43 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-44 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-45 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-46 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-47 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-48 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-49 Pumpkin-Patrol-2015-50

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