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8th Annual Pine Patrol 2015

8th Annual Pine Patrol 2015

Our favorite off-road adventure through 400 acres of pristine Wisconsin woodlands owned by the Schendel family near Menomonie. This year the Chippewa Valley Chapter of the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association was there to join us. What a great opportunity to learn about the managed tree farms in Wisconsin. And, they were thrilled to take turns riding in our Military Vehicles. A big “Thank you” to them for providing our lunch and of course to our hosts, the Schendels.Pine-Patrol-2015-01 Pine-Patrol-2015-02 Pine-Patrol-2015-03 Pine-Patrol-2015-04 Pine-Patrol-2015-05 Pine-Patrol-2015-06 Pine-Patrol-2015-07 Pine-Patrol-2015-08 Pine-Patrol-2015-09 Pine-Patrol-2015-10 Pine-Patrol-2015-11 Pine-Patrol-2015-12 Pine-Patrol-2015-13 Pine-Patrol-2015-14 Pine-Patrol-2015-15 Pine-Patrol-2015-16 Pine-Patrol-2015-17 Pine-Patrol-2015-18 Pine-Patrol-2015-19 Pine-Patrol-2015-20 Pine-Patrol-2015-21 Pine-Patrol-2015-22 Pine-Patrol-2015-23 Pine-Patrol-2015-24 Pine-Patrol-2015-25 Pine-Patrol-2015-26 Pine-Patrol-2015-27 Pine-Patrol-2015-28 Pine-Patrol-2015-29 Pine-Patrol-2015-30 Pine-Patrol-2015-31 Pine-Patrol-2015-32 Pine-Patrol-2015-33 Pine-Patrol-2015-34 Pine-Patrol-2015-35 Pine-Patrol-2015-36 Pine-Patrol-2015-37 Pine-Patrol-2015-38 Pine-Patrol-2015-39 Pine-Patrol-2015-40 Pine-Patrol-2015-41 Pine-Patrol-2015-42 Pine-Patrol-2015-43

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