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Prior Lake Maneuvers 2015

Prior Lake Maneuvers 2015

Another successful event this Labor Day weekend, hosted by our friend, Mike Dyer. MVs, friends, camping, convoys, war movies, food, beverages, period dress, and this year even a military searchlight! Great time with friends.PL-maneuvers-2015-01 PL-maneuvers-2015-02 PL-maneuvers-2015-03 PL-maneuvers-2015-04 PL-maneuvers-2015-05 PL-maneuvers-2015-06 PL-maneuvers-2015-07 PL-maneuvers-2015-08 PL-maneuvers-2015-09 PL-maneuvers-2015-10 PL-maneuvers-2015-11 PL-maneuvers-2015-12 PL-maneuvers-2015-13 PL-maneuvers-2015-14 PL-maneuvers-2015-15 PL-maneuvers-2015-16 PL-maneuvers-2015-17 PL-maneuvers-2015-18 PL-maneuvers-2015-19 PL-maneuvers-2015-20 PL-maneuvers-2015-21 PL-maneuvers-2015-22 PL-maneuvers-2015-23 PL-maneuvers-2015-24 PL-maneuvers-2015-25 PL-maneuvers-2015-26 PL-maneuvers-2015-27 PL-maneuvers-2015-28 PL-maneuvers-2015-30 PL-maneuvers-2015-31 PL-maneuvers-2015-32 PL-maneuvers-2015-33 PL-maneuvers-2015-33b PL-maneuvers-2015-34 PL-maneuvers-2015-36 PL-maneuvers-2015-37

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