Prior Lake Memorial Day Parade 2017

Prior Lake Memorial Day Parade 2017

Things were going great today. Everything started and ready to roll ahead of schedule. That is not usually the case. Very pleased today.

I have been teaching my 16 year old son to drive the Ferret this spring. This is his maiden voyage without my supervision.  He is a very good driver and I am very glad to have him in the driver pool now.

Like all good plans, my hope and desire was to show the 155 Long Tom off to the local town folk today. I finished the restoration on this last fall just before things had to get put away for the winter. I was confident that the 1/2 track could handle the job. Like I said, all good plans.
Notice anything missing from this photo?  We are at the line up street in town now.
My newest driver Braden. Very proud of this young man!!!
It was a bit cold on the ride in. Only in the 50’s today. His only complaint, cold. Lots of smiles from him.  He saw some of his buddies from school so there will be some chatter, I’m sure.
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My good friend Don’s Chevy and his wife in the slat grill just behind.
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Had 2 other new drivers today. Thanks to Greg and Jace for driving the big stuff.
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This is a rare sighting. John B, not driving something. I actually rode this one out. Remember all good plans?  More to follow.
The Mack NO. This is what should be pulling the Long Tom. That is another story for another day.  Thanks to my very good friend Jr. for driving this one.
My oldest and most trusted employee, Al and his family in his restored A1.
John C, Dan D and Jess D. Dan is also not a rider. He had the same fate I did this year.
Now the rest of the story. I made it to the end of the drive way with the halftrack. We have a rather steep incline just as it meets the county road.  I did not have enough ponies in the White to make it, so had to grab a lower gear. That is when disaster hit. A very loud BOOM and no go. Could not go forward, could not back up, half way into the highway. PANIC!  I put it in low range and engaged the front axle. I was able to pull up the hill and made the next driveway to the neighbor’s place. That is where it sat until we came back. The neighbor was not home, but his kids were and they were a bit perplexed as to the nature of the visit. I thought that we either broke an axle or the rear differential because it had no go on the rear end. We took the Diamond over, maneuvered around for 30 minutes turning the Tom around and brought it home. Should have used the Diamond from the get go. It pulled it very nicely. Slow, but nicely. The maiden voyage told me lots of good things and we de-bugged the Tom of several issues in the short ride. As it turns out, after inspection of the White, the differential, transfer case and trans are all ok. What did happen was the key on the pinion shaft companion flange sheared off and the flange spun on the pinion.  Not good mind you, but it could have been a helluva lot worse. Lesson learned.  I need to get the Mack hooked up next time. I finally have the pieces to fix that problem now too.

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  1. Mark
    July 29, 2019 at 1:23 pm

    Good to know even the Subject Matter Experts have issues sometimes, you still make it look easy. Great collect you have, thanks for sharing. Mark

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