Stefan Legat in Austria

Stefan Legat in Austria

Stefan Legat is a collector/dealer in Austria. He and I have never met, but have done business together in the past. I was so close to his place that I had to stop and say hello. He and his wife were very gracious to allow us to visit them on their day off and show us around. It was a real treat. He has a very nice store and work shop area. Stop in and check him out or look at his website at .

A beautiful thing!  A large NOS Diamond T engine. What a real Diamond should be!!

img_2506 img_2507
Two brand new 1/2 track engines just out of the crate.

Interesting coffee table. I wish I had the room to do this. Great idea.

img_2510 img_2511 img_2512
NOS CCKW fuel tank for the long wheel base truck.

Lots of interesting things for me to look at in the “private stock”  area. No sales out of this spot.

My old Mack NO2, “Big Bitch”. I sold it to Stefan a number of years back. Good to see it again. It is a very early production truck.

img_2520 img_2522
Like many of us, Stefan has big eyes and an appetite for projects.

Very interesting truck in the middle. See the next photo.

A totally complete portable shop truck with the flip up sides and fold down walkways. You can see the end of the engine lathe just past the chain. He bought it just after it was released from gov’t service and un-molested.

I love the Diamond T. Classic lines and a plain sexy truck.

Ward LaFrance’s are nice too, just real slow.  Cool work truck.

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