Austria at Camo

Austria at Camo

Just outside of Vienna is the business called Camo. Guenter Ctortnik is the owner whom I have known for a long time. It was good to see him again, this time in his country.dscn1363

Around the first bend.


Parts strewn about. He ran out of shelf space.

dscn1366 dscn1367 dscn1368

NOS pedestal lights for the 1/2 track.

dscn1369 dscn1370

A recently finished M4 HST. It was sold and waiting to be delivered.

dscn1371 dscn1372 dscn1373

Camo has some older vehicles, but he really concentrates on newer material for sale now.

dscn1374 dscn1376 dscn1377 dscn1378 dscn1379 dscn1380 dscn1381 dscn1382 dscn1383 dscn1385 dscn1386

Do you see it on the right?  A Weasel. Well part of one anyway. More a Fred Flintstone unit at present.

dscn1388 dscn1389 dscn1391 dscn1393 dscn1394 dscn1395

Helmet liners anyone?  There were an awful lot of them in the barn.

dscn1397 dscn1398 dscn1400 dscn1402

Hidden artillery front and center.

Lots of rain and mud puddles are inviting. With what you ask?  Read on.

dscn1404 dscn1406
Guenter could not resist the temptation of the mud. The Haglunds had to be taken for a spin.

dscn1409 dscn1410

Do you see it?  Look hard, it has been swallowed up. What is left of it, is an original Lend Lease Russian jeep. The original Russian data plates are still with it. It was found buried long after the war.

An original DUKW amphibious trailer. Another rare item.

dscn1413 dscn1414 dscn1416

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