Robert’s Collection

My close friend Erwin knows Robert. Robert has one of the largest collections in Europe. It is private, not available to the public. These photos are only a partial glimpse of them, and none are for sale. I was privileged enough to be invited in for a private showing one afternoon. An original long wheelbase […]

Pumpkin Maneuvers 2016

This year we combined two annual events into one. The Prior Lake Maneuvers hosted by Mike and Pam Dyer was cancelled Labor Day weekend so we combined that event with our October Pumpkin Patrol for Prior Lake Pumpkin Maneuvers 2016!  The Convoy begins … I counted 21 vehicles this year. Convoying through the Minnesota countryside […]

2016 MVPA National Convention – Pleasanton, CA

The MVPA’s 41st annual Convention was held this year in Pleasanton, California, August 11-13th.  The Military Vehicle Collectors of California hosted the event at the Alameda County Fairgrounds. Over 200 historic military vehicles were displayed, including over 30 Dodges, half-tracks, tanks, PBR, Higgins LCVP, and many more. My employee, Dan and I were in attendance. Here are some of the photos taken […]