Robert’s Collection

Robert’s Collection

My close friend Erwin knows Robert. Robert has one of the largest collections in Europe. It is private, not available to the public. These photos are only a partial glimpse of them, and none are for sale. I was privileged enough to be invited in for a private showing one afternoon.


An original long wheelbase MB. I have never seen one of these.

img_2314 img_2315
An International M426 pulling an original unrestored refrigeration trailer used to haul meat. The trailer has a jeep engine up front that ran the compressor for the cooling. The walls of the trailer were about 4″ thick.
The building vents allowed dirt and debris to get blown inside so everything was dirty and covered in spider webs. White 666
img_2323 img_2324

img_2325 img_2326 img_2328 img_2329 img_2330

GMC with a communications shelter in the back.img_2331

A second GMC with shelter.img_2332

International M5H6.  A rare truck in Europe.img_2333 img_2334

A third GMC with shelter.img_2335



Diamond T diesel tank retriever.img_2337

10 Ton Mack diesel with a 7.5 ton Mack NO behind it.img_2342 img_2347 img_2348 img_2349 img_2350

Chevy G506 Pole setter truck.img_2351 img_2352 img_2353 img_2354 img_2355

A White tractor with the heavy front end. He had 2 of these. Very rare.
img_2357 img_2358 img_2360

Ward LaFrance wrecker. If I remember correctly, Robert said it was one of the first or second series.img_2361

KD64 in the project barn. He has a lot of project trucks! img_2362 img_2363 img_2365

WC 51 with a European radio shelter built on the back.img_2366 img_2367 img_2368

A WC 52 that was modified to put a cannon on the back. Notice the leveling jack in the foreground. It had one on both sides.img_2372 img_2373 img_2375 img_2377 img_2378 img_2380 img_2382

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