Pumpkin Maneuvers 2016

Pumpkin Maneuvers 2016

This year we combined two annual events into one. The Prior Lake Maneuvers hosted by Mike and Pam Dyer was cancelled Labor Day weekend so we combined that event with our October Pumpkin Patrol for Prior Lake Pumpkin Maneuvers 2016! pumpkin-patrol-2016-01
The Convoy begins …
I counted 21 vehicles this year.pumpkin-patrol-2016-03
Convoying through the Minnesota countryside … corn, soybeans, lakes and a beautiful sunshiny autumn day!pumpkin-patrol-2016-04
The first stop on our trip was Fireside Orchard & Gardens near Northfield.pumpkin-patrol-2016-05
Special guest, Etienne Wildenburg in attendance.pumpkin-patrol-2016-06 pumpkin-patrol-2016-07 pumpkin-patrol-2016-08 pumpkin-patrol-2016-09 pumpkin-patrol-2016-10
In addition to the apples, there were roses, pumpkins, brats, and warm, apple cinnamon donuts! Definitely worth the drive. pumpkin-patrol-2016-11 pumpkin-patrol-2016-12 pumpkin-patrol-2016-13 pumpkin-patrol-2016-14 pumpkin-patrol-2016-15
On the road again …
2nd stop — Montgomery Brewery Company.pumpkin-patrol-2016-17 pumpkin-patrol-2016-18

A couple of the Cat’s Meow ladies, dressed in period clothes as usual.
Many choices of their own brews on tap for the tasting.pumpkin-patrol-2016-20
The Lehmann’s enjoying their beers.
pumpkin-patrol-2016-21 pumpkin-patrol-2016-22
On the next leg of our journey…pumpkin-patrol-2016-23
Back again this year to Next Chapter Winery.pumpkin-patrol-2016-24 pumpkin-patrol-2016-25 pumpkin-patrol-2016-26 pumpkin-patrol-2016-27 pumpkin-patrol-2016-28 pumpkin-patrol-2016-29 pumpkin-patrol-2016-30 pumpkin-patrol-2016-31 pumpkin-patrol-2016-32 pumpkin-patrol-2016-33
Touring the facility and smashing some grapes.pumpkin-patrol-2016-34
And finally, the trucks rolled into Barten’s Pumpkin farm. pumpkin-patrol-2016-35 pumpkin-patrol-2016-36
The Barten grandkids look forward to us coming each year now.pumpkin-patrol-2016-37
John piles them in the back of the Mack for a trip around the pumpkin field.pumpkin-patrol-2016-38

All smiles!

pumpkin-patrol-2016-39 pumpkin-patrol-2016-40 pumpkin-patrol-2016-41 pumpkin-patrol-2016-42

Group photo.


Heading back to the Bizal homestead for cookout and bonfire.pumpkin-patrol-2016-44
Homecoming dance happened to be the same night. Our son, Braden and friends hamming it up for photos with the vehicles.
pumpkin-patrol-2016-46 pumpkin-patrol-2016-47
A beautiful night with a bonfire and a military searchlight. Nice way to end a beautiful day.

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